Statement of Compliance

As guided by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (LFN), Travelex is committed to maintaining a standard of compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards.

  • Travelex expects all its customers, partners, suppliers, representatives, and employees to adhere to these laws, regulations and ethical standards, Management is responsible for ensuring such compliance.

  • Travelex has a zero-tolerance approach for any activity relating to the criminal offence of tax evasion and are therefore committed to all our responsibilities under the Nigerian Tax Laws.

  • Travelex expects all partners and suppliers to adhere to the same high standards relating to Tax Compliance.

  • Disclosures of "Wrongdoing" – Travelex has global whistleblowing gateways to enable any customers, partners and representatives that wish to report a suspected wrongdoing to do so in confidence, without fear of repercussion. Any disclosure will be investigated appropriately.